The team

מנשה כהן

Dr. Menashe Cohen, adv.


Personal Informations:

Married + 4
Lives in Ramat Gan, Israel

Academic Education:

2017 – 2023: PhD Doctorat, Faculty of Law, University of Haifa
2013 – 2015: PhD studies in education, Sussex University UK – Ed.D
2002 – 2004: Master’s degree Executive MBA, Faculty of Business Administration, Tel Aviv University.
1991 – 1997: Master’s degree LL.M. Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University.
1986 – 1990: Bachelor’s degree LL.B. Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University.D

Work Experience:

2018 – Today: President of the Israeli Institute for Commercial Arbitration (IICA).
2017 – today: Head of Practical Academy, Faculty of Law, Ono Academic College.
2014 – today: Managing Partner in Netz Funds: Real Estate InvestmentS in the USA (250 million USD).
1990 – today: A lecturer at various academic institutions, conferences and forums.
1988 – 2016: Founder, Owner and Chairman of “Machshavot” Group, the largest publishing and legal training company in Israel. Training of over 40,000 lawyers. Writing and publishing dozens of legal books for lawyers, judges, interns and law students, which sold more than 2 million copies.

Additional activities:

2003 – today: Member of various boards of directors in the field of real estate, trade and services, international forwarding and insurance.
2012 – 2018: Member of the Presidency –  The Israeli Chambers of Commerce.

אוריאל לין

Attorney Uriel Lynn


Today, Attorney Uriel Lin is the president of the Association of Chambers of Commerce and the president of the Tel Aviv and Central Chamber of Commerce, a member of the board of directors of Eurochambers (all chambers of commerce in Europe) and a member of the board of directors of WCF (a worldwide organization of national chambers of commerce from 125 countries).

In addition to his public duties, he serves as the chairman of Lin Network Ltd., a family investment company and deals in the management of international arbitrations.

Master of Laws with honors, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Master of Laws, University of California at Berkeley.

Legal advisor and company secretary of the Ata Textile Group and then manager of Jerusalem Jersey Ltd.
Has experience in managing industrial companies and is a member of the boards of companies, some of the largest in the economy such as: Israel Electric Company, Israel Chemicals, Gadot Biochemistry, Zim and more.

Senior positions in the civil service
Director of the Investment Authority for North America
Commissioner of State Revenue
The Director General of the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure
Member of the 11th Knesset, chairman of the road safety committee and chairman of the energy committee
Member of the 12th Knesset, Chairman of the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee
Chairman of the National Road Safety Authority.

To date, he has published over a thousand articles on economics, society and law in all the leading newspapers in Israel.
Recently, he added literary writing to his articles, and published: a book called “Stepping stone” describing each of his seven positions in the public service, including a selected collection of his articles related to these positions; A children’s book from the world of birds called “Lead and the Crows”; A book for teenagers called “Self Defense”; and completed writing another book; And a play that includes a sharp critique of the judicial system’s opacity in the face of the tragedy of the individual.

– During his tenure as commissioner of state revenues, he instituted a broad reform of the tax system while abolishing ten different taxes in Israel, among them: the estate tax, property tax on buildings, income tax on social security benefits, appreciation tax on residential apartments and purchase taxes on basic household equipment ( refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, TV, etc.) as well as about 40 consumer products.
– Introduced a comprehensive reform in legislation and work procedures that strengthened the capabilities of the tax system in collecting real tax.
– Reforms to open up the energy sector to competition, during his tenure as Director General of the Ministry of Energy (1982-1984) together with the late Minister of Energy Yitzhak Modai.
– As part of his position as chairman of the Knesset’s Constitution, Law and Justice Committee (1988-1992), he reformed the political system and the basic rights of the individual: Basic Law: Human Dignity and Freedom, and Basic Law: Freedom of Occupation (Interview with Kobi Barkai about his book: ” the birth of a revolution”), the fundamental law of the government; raising the percentage of obstruction; eliminating the phenomenon of Knesset members defecting in exchange for personal favors and the party law; a series of laws designed to fight crime; and a series of laws to streamline the court system and tribunals.

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גילה רבינוביץ

Attorney Gila Rabinowitz


– LL.B, Faculty of Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
– Interned at the Tel Aviv District Court with the former President of the Tel Aviv District Court, the late Justice Hana Evevnor.
– Legal counsel in the legal department of a leading insurance company.
– Deputy Chief Editor at the Israeli Bar Association Publications of the Supreme Court rulings.
– Director of the IICA since 1998.

אילנה טסקר

Ilana Tasker


אביגיל בצלאל​

Attorney Abigail Bezalel

Director of Finance