About the Israeli Institute for Business Arbitration

The Israeli Institute of commercial Arbitration (IICA)  was established  in 1989  to promote a public goal of encouraging the use of alternative mechanisms for the settlement of commercial civil disputes. The IICA provides an effective organizational framework for managing arbitrations and mediations in all areas of commercial  law.

The IICA was established by Chambers of Commerce. The late Prof. Samdar Ottolenghi was one of the founders of the IICA and served as its first president for 15 years.

The outstanding array of arbitrators and mediators on our panel consists most of the retired judges from the Supreme Court, the District Court, and the Magistrates Court; lawyers of the highest caliber; accountants, engineers and more.

The experienced and professional staff  of the IICA  provides a professional, service-oriented framework that accompanies the proceedings throughout. The procedures at the institution are conducted in a professional, fast and high-quality manner at costs that are not high.

Having procedures to resolve disputes outside the walls of the court has many advantages.

Why is arbitration better than legal proceedings?

Conducting mediations and arbitrations at the IICA has additional benefits.

Why arbitration at the IICA

Why mediation at the IICA

Over the years, thousands of arbitration decisions have been issued by the IICA. Never has an IICA arbitral award been set aside in ac ourt of law.

The Presidents of the Israeli Institute of commercial Arbitration :

1989 – 2004: The late Prof. Samdar Ottolenghi

2004 – 2012: Judge (acting) Amnon Strashnov

2012 – 2015: Judge (acting) Dan Arbel

2015 – 2018: Judge in office Ila Proccia

2018 – Today: Dr. Menashe Cohen, adv.